In 2012, Hurricane Sandy drowned Philippe Bemberg's studio in New York, where he had been living for a few months. A physical and symbolic stop, of an artist's work - graphics, drawings, paintings, sculptures – that he led for fifteen years, including several in Argentina. Four years pass, during which he returns to Paris and tries other experiences, especially in furniture design.

In the fall of 2016, an alignment of the stars, circumstances, an awareness trigger an irrepressible and urgent desire to get back to it. Meditation, self-observation, without judgment, and the rediscovery of the free work of artists like Gerhard Richter, Cy Tombly or David Hockney, lead him to realize that the role of the artist is to produce, without worrying about the acknowledgment of his work, not trying to understand the unintelligible, setting no limits.

"An acceptance of the mystery and what is beyond us", he states, as a definition of his art. The series of works on paper that Philippe Bemberg presents today is the result of an almost daily practice, started at that moment, returning to the base: paper, a charcoal pencil, an artist's gesture. Soon, pastel prevails and, from time to time, white acrylic, for the mystery it adds, and the watery link it establishes with the pastel below. Standing in front of several white sheets hanging on a panel, he needs to be in movement, in a face to face that holds dialogue, the creative confrontation with "this exciting void".

In his free and strong artworks on paper, in their abstract, quick and colorful conciseness, one feels the joy of creating, the appetite to seize the moment, of what a life gives, one that he considers both abundant and potentially ephemeral.

The notion of abundance and generosity of life is very important to him: an abundance of possibilities, ideas, creativity, what the world has to offer, natural resources if we know how to manage them ... The whole is a form of diary that recalls the fluidity and simplicity of time passing, of every day’s thoughts. With the trait, he captures everyday life, feelings, as a frequency that allows the link between the emotion and the visual. In his plays, whether they contain words or not, the date and the drawing are similar to the frequency of what has been a day, a vibration, an inscription in time. A time that we find for him in another inscription, that of the continuity of the draftsman through the ages, artists from the Chauvet cave to those of today: the same gesture that speaks of infinite variety and continuity ...

 Anne-Claire Meffre

Solo Shows


2017 - Works on Paper, Au Medicis, Paris, France

2010 -  Preludio, Galeria Isabel Anchorena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2005 - Tongues, Atelier Esmerala, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Group Shows

2014/18  Different shows with BovyBemberg , contemporary furniture (V.I.A., NOW! le off), Paris France 

2012 - SUMMER 2012: Vantage Point, The Mission project , Chicago, USA

2012 - Pop-UP event by V. Quesada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Chez Vautier Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 - REA One day Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 - BSM Art Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Galeria Isabel Anchorena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Galeria Isabel Anchorena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009 - ARTEBA, International Art Fair, Galeria Isabel Anchorena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008 - Puerta E., Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006 - 1001 Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2002 - Exposition collective. Conflans sainte Honorine, France



2012 - AP-art collection, London, England



BA in Visual Communication and Graphic Design from l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de Paris, France